If you think you may have COVID-19, please visit alberta.ca/coronavirus for more information

Healthy Advice From Alberta's Doctors & Health Care Providers

Call your doctor first


We're here for you.


Call to ask which virtual options are offered by your physician. Your privacy is guaranteed.


When necessary for ongoing issues.
Be sure to call first.


Many dedicated health professionals are going above and beyond to care for Albertans at this time. Doing our part, Alberta’s physicians are here for you too. For more information, contact your family physician, pediatrician or any physician from whom you usually receive care.

Your doctor is offering ways to stay connected—by phone, visiting or virtual options if it’s necessary that you stay in isolation or quarantine—no app or download required. This is for whatever ails you, not just COVID-19. If you need help for your continuing or new health care needs, if care or tests are required, please don’t wait—call now.

Live your life—just a little differently right now

What’s happening in the world is scary. You are not alone in feeling that. In fact, you’re not alone—period. But you do have a job to do. And it’s important. Our job is to be here for you if you need us. Your job is to stay healthy. 

We’ll help with that too.

Your health care is as important as it's ever been.

Keeping others healthy

If you are under mandatory self isolation, please stay home. Go on your deck, in your yard or on your balcony—but please no visitors or visits out until your self isolation lifts. It’s difficult, but this will save lives. Click or tap to expand the tips below.

The #StayHealthyAB Challenge

SHARE THE CARE » To accept this challenge, choose one of our doctor-prescribed tips listed above and share your version.

Maybe you sing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday while you wash your hands.
Show it off.

Maybe you carry a tape measure with you to keep a safe distance from others when you go out for a neighbourhood walk. Okay.
Show that off too.

Maybe you started a jazzercise club with your kids. Well, don your leopard print apparel and sweat to the oldies.
Work it! Share it!

Sharing how you stay healthy helps us all connect and stay healthy together.



Help us help Albertans. By getting the #StayHealthyAB word out there, you’re inspiring other people to keep healthy now and into the future. Here’s how you can help get the word out:


Add a #StayHealthyAB frame to your profile picture or Story to show your support. There are six options to choose from:

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Instagram stickers

Use the #StayHealthyAB stickers on your Instagram stories to help spread the word. To find them, open GIFS and search #StayHealthyAB when crafting your story.

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